CRP #6 – The Child Specialist in the Collaborative Process

Beth Wilner, Ph.D. is a seasoned collaborative professional whom I was privileged to learn from during my early training in the collaborative process. She is a fun, intuitive and eloquent communicator with deep experience in all aspects of the divorce process.

Dr. Wilner is a licensed clinical psychologist and mediator, who has been in private practice since 1993. She is the founder of Families In Transition, Inc. (FIT), a comprehensive psychology practice offering a wide range of clinical, consulting, and conflict resolution services including divorce and post-decree mediation, parenting coordination, and collaborative law coaching and child specialist services.

Today she shares her insights into the delicate role of the child specialist in the collaborative process. She addresses how to prepare parents to talk to their children about their impending divorce. She explores the subtle nuances of crafting the parenting plan and provides a deep understanding of how she brings the voices of children into the dialogue of divorce.

The Child Specialist in Collaborative Divorce

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