The Collaborative Resolution Project (CRP) examines the PEOPLE, PROCESSES, and PRINCIPLES of an alternative dispute resolution strategy employing a team-based negotiation model. This approach is highly relevant especially for divorcing couples but equally appropriate in any human conflict scenario (e.g., family business issues, leadership challenges, parent-adult child impasses, and probate disputes). It serves as an emotionally intelligent alternative to the traditional litigated or adversarial process.

The CRP is dedicated to producing learning content that assists fellow practitioners and people in conflict (PiC) to feel more competent navigating challenging conversations and negotiations that can quickly trigger intense reactive emotion. We intend to provide access to pragmatic conceptual tools and strategy maps that become actionable solutions for resolving disputes promptly and coherently.

Collaborative resolution may not be for everyone, especially those invested in mindless win-lose arguments rooted in blaming, defensiveness, and self-justification. In contrast, Investing in Collaborative Understanding (ICU) requires a mindful capacity to sustain curiosity, compassion, and a responsibility to dialogue with the payoff being greater control and influence over a negotiation process. If there’s a willingness to self-examine and co-design win-win options, then shaping a better future becomes the highly probable outcome to the collaborative process.

Both Brad Pawlowski, JD  and Ken Celiano, Psy.D serve as the dynamic duo behind this creative podcast platform.

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