CRP #7 – The Collaborative Process – When it Just Works!

Jason Sposeep, JD joins Brad & Ken to dive a bit deeper into the subtle nuances of the collaborative process appreciating moments when it just works!” 

Jason is a seasoned family law attorney practicing at Schiller, Ducanto, & Fleck and has a passion for the collaborative process. He has participated in more than 50 collaborative divorce matters, many of which were complex, multi-million dollar estates with child-related issues. He’s also facilitated more than 100 mediations on behalf of divorcing clients resulting in resilient outcomes without involving litigation.

Jason is a former executive board member of the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois (“CLII”). Jason uses his substantial experience in Collaborative Law to regularly educate fellow practitioners and improve upon the collaborative practice. Jason recently assisted in the redrafting and updating of the Participation Agreement used in every Collaborative divorce across the State of Illinois and played an influential role in the passing of the Illinois Supreme Court Rule 294, which directs how lawyers operate in a Collaborative Divorce.

We hope you enjoy this rich dialogue as you tune into the subtle, yet powerful moments when the right emotional leverage can spark significant transformation.

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